MatechMobile is a company that produces and publishes mobile app for Appstore. Currently we are able to master the entire process from market research, design, programming, product sales and problem solving with foreign partners. We have brought products to the world.

However, MatechMobile does not just stop at bringing values ​​to society or jobs for members of the company, but here we are building together to create a very good working environment. In particular, that environment is called “Green Workspace” – An environment that brings complete happiness to employees and deeper values ​​to the society. You can learn about MatechMobile’s culture, environment and activities for more detailed information.


“Do the right thing”

The slogan always reminds us that we must do the right things, benefit the society and always comply with the terms of our partners as well as the state law at the highest level.


“Bring out the best user experience”

The experience here is not just the product UX, it’s the complete user experience of the user after using our product. To do that must be an integral effort between the design, the technology and the service behind those products!


“Zero to Hero”

The main reason people cannot follow through and accomplish their resolutions is that they become discouraged because they’re doing it alone. We are one family.

Core Values

“The working environment helps independent human resources to develop comprehensively 3 original elements: Ethics, Intelligence, and Resilience.””

These are the three original factors that build all good personalities in a human being. MatechMobile company is very important in the recruitment, training and purification of personnel to always keep the staff full of the three above original elements. The working environment and culture at MatechMobile company always create a lot of conditions to build and maintain the above core values as strongly as possible.

2017 – 2019

Team building

From 2020

Startup Mobile App with projects on public health